Multi-Agency Networking and Education

Multi-Agency Networking and Education

Multi-Agency Networking and EducationMulti-Agency Networking and EducationMulti-Agency Networking and Education

The FEA provides networking and education with fellow Federal Agencies.  Meetings are held the third Wednesday of each month.

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Well Wishes

Well Wishes

Due to COVID-19 all meetings and activities have been cancelled.  Please check back for updates.

Well Wishes

Well Wishes

Well Wishes

To everyone and your families our thoughts and prayers are with you, stay safe and strong WE WILL PREVAIL!

About Us



The Indianapolis FEA is a voluntary organization, which exists to:

  • Bring together management personnel of the Federal agencies in the furtherance of mutual understanding, informal relationships and the resolution of interagency problems.
  • Promote economy, efficiency and improved administration as a result of the collection, compilation and exchange of information and experience, and of cooperative administrative support projects.
  • Facilitate working relationships between the Federal agencies and the State and local governments, commerce and industry.
  • Achieve greater appreciation, on the part of the public, of the history and objectives of the Federal Merit System, through civic projects and the use of mass information media.
  • From time to time, direct its cooperative activity to specific projects of current interest; for example, we sponsor the Combined Federal Campaign.



The Indianapolis FEA holds monthly meeting on the third Wednesday of most months. At those meetings we share information, hear from speakers and tour community interest locations.


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